Electronics Destroying ‘Crazy Ants’ Invade Texas

Forget solar flares and electro magnetic pulses (EMPs) because the true destroyer of our electronics equipment might be “tawny crazy ants.”

The little buggers have started to invade Texas and researchers at the University of Texas at Austin say they can nest in nearly any container.

According to UT research assistant Edward LeBrun

“They nest in electronics and create short circuits, as they create a contact bridge between two points when they get electrocuted they release an alarm pheromone. The other ants are attracted to the chemicals that other ants give off. At this point, more ants arrive and create a larger nest.”

The ants are extremely hard to exterminate because a single nest can oftentimes contain multiple queens and because normal poisons and baits appear to have little effect on the crazy ant colonies.

The tawny crazy ants also travel upwards of 650 feet per year, which means they are invading rather quickly compared to some other colony types.

Scientifically known as Nylanderia fulva, the ants were originally named Raspberry Crazy Ants after being discovered by pest control worker Tom Raspberry. After finding the tawny crazy ants, Mr. Raspberry reported the little terrors to researchers at Texas A&M who proceeded to study their habits and migratory patterns.

It’s still too early to tell what type of impact the tawny crazy ants will have on electronics, but early issues have raised a need for concern.

Sure, we still need to worry about EMP’s and solar flares and attacks on our power infrastructure, but now we also have to worry about a pesky rodent ruining our iMac’s and microwaves.

Scientists are attempting to find a suitable measure that can wipe ou the the nests of tawny crazy ants.