Microsoft Confirms: Samsung Windows Phone 7 Handset In The Works

Samsung has become the third company revealed with a Windows Phone 7 handset in the works, following in the footsteps of Asus and LG. Not a whole lot is known about the device at this time other than the fact that it will have a “bright” display and a large “terrific” camera.

Microsoft’s head mobile UI architect, Joe Belfiore, did mention that the first Windows Phone 7 handsets will feature ARM7-, Cortex or Scorpion based processors, DirectX 9 graphics technology, a 5MP camera minimum requirement, 256MB RAM minimums and 8GB internal storage.

Microsoft is also requesting accelerometer type sensors, compass directional abilities and light and proximity sensors.

The displays for WM7 devices must also have a minimum screen resolution of 480×320, with 800 x 480 being the only other option.

The phone could arrive by late 2010, although no official word or pricing have been given. [SlashGear]