Beardvertising: Earn Money With Your Face Foliage

Do you have an amazing beard that people stop and stare at? Are you a member of the Duck Dynasty? If you answered yes to either one of those questions, you might be a great addition to the Beardvertising team.

Designed by a Kentucky-based advertising firm, Beardvertising is exactly what it sounds like, advertising that is placed directly on a guy’s face foliage.

Speaking to Business Insider, Whit Hiler of Cornett-IMS jokes: “I think it’s the next big thing. Everybody loves beards.”

If you’re a guy with a beard, the company is willing to pay $5 per day to borrow your hairy face.

So who would actually be willing to take part in beardvertising? How about A&W. The fast food giant is one of the company’s first participants.

While the company started its campaigns in Kentucky, it’s willing to go “anywhere that there were epic beards willing to host these little ‘beardboards.”

The advertising company is already in talks with other firms who want to give beardvertising a shot.

While beardvertising might sound like some crazy idea, it’s not quite as strange as temporary tattoo advertising on Japanese girls and body space sold in the form of more permanent tattoos.

$5 per day might not sound like a lot of money, but ,when you consider the ease of use, it’s not a bad deal. Heck, some guys with epic beards walk around with enough food stuck on their face that it looks like advertising.

If you have an epic bear are you willing to display ads inside of it?