Jennie Tan, ‘Office’ Superfan, Got Speaking Role In Finale

How big a fan of The Office are you? What would you have done for a role in the finale? Jennie Tan, Office superfan, managed to snag herself a speaking role on the series finale. All she did was ask nicely.

Tan runs OfficeTally, a huge fan site for The Office, and explained her story in her latest post. Understanding that the popular television show would soon be over, Tan proactively emailed Greg Daniels, the developer of the U.S. version of the comedy.

All she did was humbly ask if there was any way she could take part in the series finale. Daniels immediately responded, and told her that he’d write her in.

Stunned, she was asked for a headshot and a resume, and was told she would actually be paid as a day actor, and that her name would appear in the end credits.

We don’t want to spoil the show’s finale for you, so if you haven’t yet seen it, you best turn away here.

But if you have seen it, you know that a chunk of the episode was dedicated to a Q&A session between the in-show cast of characters and audience members.

In case you forgot, or simply never realized it, The Office was always presented as a “mockumentary,” meaning that while all of the cast members are real-life actors, their characters in the show’s universe were ordinary volunteers in a nine-year documentary project.

So the scene was actually pretty cool, as fictional fans of The Office participated in a staged talk-back with the characters of the show. It was used to mostly wrap up loose ends and answer questions that were left unresolved throughout the show’s run.

Anyway, Jennie Tan, Office superfan, was in that Q&A scene basically playing herself and asking direct questions to Jim and Pam (she was the “like Harry Potter?” woman).

She has a ton of images and a detailed explanation of the events that led to her role over at her site, so go check it out.

What do you think of Jennie Tan, Office superfan? Are you jealous she got a role in the series finale by just asking?

[Image via: OfficeTally]