Show some respect: The Xbox 360 coffin

Plenty of gamers have been there when an Xbox 360 has loudly whirred a disc the final time, and I imagine most of us end up binning the bricked box (so long as it’s out of warranty, obviously).

But Aussie designer Alexis Vanamois wants us to show a little respect, damnit, so has designed an Xbox 360 coffin, a casket-shaped burial box complete with the dreaded Red Ring of Death (RROD) on its front. You can get your own by emailing Alexis at

I’ve had two Xbox 360s flatline on me, both afflicted by RROD. From what I hear, that’s a pretty typical number if you use your machine a lot, so Vanamois might be on to something here.

*sniff* I just miss that lil’ guy’s IR sensor.

[Via HawtyMcBloggy]