Roadkill Accessories Are The Latest Fashion Trend

Roadkill accessories are apparently all the rage in the fashion world.

A London artist and taxidermist is transforming dead animals in expensive items for the rich and famous to wear. If you’re thinking about picking up an accessory for yourself, then you might want to bring plenty of money. These pieces will easily set you back upwards of $700.

Reid Peppard is responsible for turning ordinary everyday roadkill into the sort of fashion accessories that people actually want to buy. Her collection includes pieces made from foxes, birds, mice, and whatever else happens to be on the road at the time.

The artist said she has used the dead animals to make everything from headbands to combs to purses. Her creations also include a fair amount of pricey jewelry.

Peppard explained that people tend to react positive to his accessories despite the fact that they were once roadkill. She also assures everyone that no animals were intentionally killed for his items. However, that doesn’t prevent some people from getting offended by the pieces.

“Of course, part of the problem with making artwork that is rather confrontational in its nature is that not everyone is a fan,” the artist explained.

She added, “Some people have a hard time getting their head around the fact that my work might be more ethically sound than the leather shoes they’re wearing.”

While some people might have problems with roadkill fashion accessories, Peppard has quite a few familiar faces among her clients. The artist’s fans include Ozzy Osbourne, Lady Gaga, and Jude Law.

Peppard has released three collections, each one with a separate theme. The designer has tackled vermin, park life, and pet themes in the past. Some of her creations include a bracelet made from squirrel tail, a coin purse fashioned from a dead rat, and hair combs that were once pigeon wings.

“Designed for both men and women, these pieces are anatomically precise artifacts, links to the scavengers, hoarders and predators that inspire my work,” she explained.

To see some of Peppard’s work, be sure to stop by the New York Daily News. Would you wear fashion accessories made from roadkill?

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