Newmerix may have shut down

Colorado based Newmerix, a specialist in change management solutions specifically designed for SAP, Peoplesoft and Oracle E-Business applications has closed its doors, according to an unconfirmed tip received by The Inquisitr.

According to the tip from a former employee, Newmerix laid off its entire workforce this afternoon. Employees were not offered severance and many were not paid Q3 bonuses that were owed to them. The closure is alleged to have been caused by IDG, Mobius and Siemens declining to continue funding the business, and Silicon Valley Bank has seized the company. The tipper claims that the doors are now locked on the companies office.

This is an unconfirmed tip at this time. We’ve rung every single number we could find for the company, and were unable to find anyone on site. The 24 hour emergency help support isn’t answering either, suggesting that there may be some truth to the tip. We did punch numbers into the switch at random, and eventually found an employee who was “on vacation” and knew nothing about the closure, but he did say that he hadn’t been in contact with the office as well.

If we can confirm it later, we will update the post. The tipster notes that the only likely way to confirm it will be in the morning when customers can’t contact anyone at the company.