Man Cuts Off His Own Penis During Fight With Girlfriend

A Taiwanese man reportedly cut off his own penis during a fight with his girlfriend.

The intoxicated man was apparently so angry with the woman that he took a pair of his scissors to his genitalia. Quite a bit of his penis was removed during the incident.

According to Rocket News 24, the problem began when the man decided to drink continuously throughout the day. When his girlfriend started complaining about the amount of alcohol he was consuming, a pretty nasty argument quickly erupted.

Unfortunately for all involved, the situation didn’t end once his penis was removed. The man reportedly rushed into the bathroom, tossed it into the toilet, and flushed the penis away.

By the time the man’s girlfriend could get him to a hospital, he had slipped into a coma. Doctors said the drunk man lost a lot of blood when he cut off his penis with the scissors.

Although he was unconscious for quite a while after arriving at the hospital for treatment, he later emerged from the coma. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

The Huffington Post reports that the man still has around an inch-and-a-half of his penis remaining. Although he can still urinate, doctors believe the situation could have been corrected had he not flushed the it down the toilet. Surgeons said they may have been able to reattach what the intoxicated man had removed.

As strange as it may sound, autopeotomy isn’t as uncommon as many may believe. The Inquisitr reported last summer about a man who used an X-Acto knife to slice off his penis. The severed member was later recovered so doctors could attempt to reattach it with surgery.

In March of 2013, a Malaysian man allegedly cut off his father’s penis before doing the same thing to himself. The 40-year-old man was reportedly under the influence of religious practices he stumbled across on the internet.

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