First Modern Warfare 2 downloadable maps are a rip-off

Activision and Infinity Ward just released details and pricing for Modern Warfare 2‘s first ever downloadable maps, and it’s fair to say they’re taking the piss somewhat when it comes to cost.

The “Stimulus Package” contains five new maps for the popular military shooter, and will cost – HAHAHA – 1200 Microsoft Points when it launches on March 30. In real money, that’s £10.20, or $15.30, or €14.40. Or, if you prefer, a shameless fecking rip-off.

1200 Microsoft Points would be steep for five new maps, but two of the five here are going to be maps from the first Modern Warfare: “Crash” and the sniper-friendly “Overgrown”. They’ll have a tiny visual upgrade, but otherwise they’re geographically identical. Great!

The new maps, for what it’s worth, are called Bailout, Storm and Salvage:

– Bailout – An overrun apartment complex
– Storm – An industrial park in the middle of a tense thunderstorm
– Salvage – An abandoned junkyard, with a snowy terrain

So yeah, 1200 Microsoft Points, and don’t expect these to get any cheaper when they hit PS3 and PC in late-April (Xbox 360 has a 30-day exclusive on this map pack). Activision knows people are happy to be gouged, and as long as customers keep coming back for more, they’ll keep charging ludicrous prices.

If, like me, you’re sick to the molars of over-paying for Activision’s content, save your 1200 Points and go buy Geometry Wars and Mega Man 9 instead: two high quality FULL games for the same price.