Bunga Bunga Parties: Italian Prime Minister Orgies Included Showgirls Dressed As Nuns, Nurses, And Obama [Video]

The bunga bunga parties hosted by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi were finally described in detail during testimony in a Milan, Italy court on Friday.

Berlusconi is currently awaiting a court verdict for his own trial for underage sex with then 17-year-old Ruby the Heart-Stealer, the beautiful Moroccan immigrant at the center of the scandal. Now, three of his associates are on trial for aiding prostitution — and Ruby, whose real name is Karima el-Mahroug, was required to describe the infamous bunga bunga parties in some detail.

It seems that the erstwhile Italian leader was quite the player. Just the dictionary of Italian terms required to describe his antics is pretty spicy. A Reuters guide explained that “bunga bunga” is a “mysterious sexual ritual,” while “oglettine” refers to the 14 young women he kept in a house in Milan. The young ladies in question frequently attended his parties.

In Friday’s testimony, Ruby admitted that she was paid to attend the bunga bunga parties, but she denied having sex with the imaginative Berlusconi.

She explained that many of the girls played a role during the events. She herself claimed to be the Egyptian daughter of a famous singer.

Berlusconi’s in-house disco sounded like more of a private strip club, complete with a stripper’s pole. She said that girls would dress as nuns and then perform a strip routine.

One female stripper sometimes dressed as US President Barack Obama or as the Milan prosecutor going after Berlusconi.

Apparently, the man likes costumes. A photograph of a 32-year-old alleged to be one of the party attendees had emerged during the course of Berlusconi’s own trial. In that spicy picture, the very well-endowed woman is wearing a fetish policewoman style costume complete with handcuffs.

Ruby admitted to attending six parties, for which she was paid up to €3,000 in €500 bills. However, she continues to deny having sex with the former prime minister and also denied witnessing him making physical contact with the party strippers.

It will be for a court to decide if anything illegal happened, but I have to hand it to the old boy. The bunga bunga parties sound like a blast.

[Silvio Berlusconi photo by miqu77 / Shutterstock.com]