Video Link: Glenn Beck’s new target is you, the progressive political advocacy group formed in response to the impeachment of President Clinton, has a new video satirizing Glenn Beck.

The funniest part of it is that- well, without giving the surprise away, it’s different for everyone. Using Facebook Connect, it crafts a different Becktastic experience for every viewer. If you’d like to view your version of the video, go to and authorize it to link up to your Facebook account.

The video is very cleverly done- don’t forget to check out the sidebar to see all the “related links” in Glenn Beck’s latest crusade. While it is certainly funny, it also makes a good point about the dangers posed by this kind of alarmist “journalism.” Beck’s devoted viewers will often buy into his theories and are moved by his sob-fests. Under the guise of objectivity, Beck has presented many similar, crazy theories in the past about people and things he wishes to malign.

What did you think of the effort? Hilarious satire or vicious socialist plot against Glenn Beck?