Mario Williams Talked Of Suicide During Break-Up, Ex-Fiancee Claims

Mario Williams talked of suicide during a break-up with his fiance last year, his ex is claiming during a dispute over the engagement ring.

The former couple is in a court battle over the $785,000 diamond engagement ring Williams gave to his former fiancee, Erin Marzouki. Williams claimed that Marzouki is holding onto the ring in an attempt to get money out of him, and never intended to marry him.

Mario Williams signed a six-year, $100 million contract with the Buffalo Bills before the 2012 season, the biggest ever for a defensive player. The signing was considered a coup for the rebuilding Bills, who courted Williams for a three-day period over the start of free agency and signed him before other teams had a chance to make an offer.

Erin Marzouki was a big part of that process, following Williams to Buffalo and looking at homes in the suburbs as the former Houston Texan debated whether to join the team.

But the two broke up into the 2012 season, and now have entered a dispute over the engagement ring. After a court-encouraged mediation effort failed, Marzouki’s lawyer released a series of text messages from November showing Mario Williams as suicidal after the break-up.

The layer accused Williams of having “dramatic mood swings” during the engagement. The text message conversation took place in the evening hours of Nov. 11, the day the Bills lost to the New England Patriots.

“No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts,” Williams wrote during the exchange. He also wrote that he took three hydrocodones that morning and planned to take two more on the plane ride back to Buffalo.

Marzouki encouraged Mario to get help, responding: “Why don’t you talk to someone? Clearly you’re not happy & if your takin pills that’s bad”

Mario Williams apologized but hinted toward more suicidal thoughts, writing: “I need to go back n my shell. There’s no telling what Ill do to myself at this point. I’m sry Ill disappear from now on.”