AT&T Preparing To Rev Up 3G Speeds In Some Areas, One Step Closer To 4G

U.S. Wireless carrier AT&T have announced that they will begin implementing HSPA+ technology in certain areas around the United States, a move that will provide some users with speeds up to 21Mbps on existing 3G networks.

Last year the company had said they would skip HSPA+ in place of 4G technology which has slowly become more widespread in various parts of the world. The HSPA+ announcement was made by Mobility Chief Ralph de la Vega during an interview for FierceWireless. Unfortunately during his answers, Vega did not say which areas would or may get the faster speed floor.

The move is largely seen as a way for AT&T to stay competitive with Verizon Wireless who will launch their LTE-based 4G network in late 2010.

Users expecting 21Mbps may be disappointed however, as those speeds are only present in perfect conditions and in theoretical situations, however standard rates of 6.8Mbps downstream and 2.5Mpbs upstream are expected.

Once AT&T pushes out their first 4G phones in 2011 it’s expected that the HSDPA+ network will be pushed aside for a newer, faster 4G offering. [Electronista]