‘Sneaky Nuts’ Facebook Pic Gets Australian Pol In Trouble

Have you ever heard of the “sneaky nuts” prank? Western Australia’s Minister for Education Peter Collier has.

Collier is both embarrassed and profusely sorry as he admits he has learned a valuable lesson in social networking: Never “like” something unless you know exactly what it is.

To wit, Collier “liked” a Facebook photo without noticing that it showed a teenage prankster with his testicles exposed.

Hence, “sneaky nuts.”

Collier said that he clicked the “like” button on the photo because he thought it was just an innocent snap of the 16-year-old in 2011. He said that he was completely unaware that the teen was playing the popular “sneaky nuts” prank, a trend which began with a character on Australian comedian Chris Lilley’s TV show Angry Boys, reports azcentral.com.

The show featured the character ruining group photos by discreetly exposing his privates.

For Collier, the real fallout began recently when the teenager started bragging that the Australian Minister for Education had liked a picture on Facebook in which he was exposing himself.

The then-teen bragged about it on Twitter, which attracted the attention of the media.

Collier, completely embarrassed, has since apologized for “liking” the teen’s photo.

“At first glance it appeared to be a harmless picture,” Collier said of the incident. “It was a silly mistake on my part. I only became aware of the actual content of the photo when shown by a journalist today.

“This obviously highlights the pitfalls of social media. I apologize if I caused any offense,” he concluded.

Do you think Peter Collier should be forgiven for his “sneaky nuts” incident?

[Image via: Mr. Lightman / Shuttrerstock]