Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Fight A Fat Failure As His Belly Gets Bigger Than Kim’s [Video]

Rob Kardashian’s weight loss struggle has been a very public failure so far. As The Inquisitr has previously reported, his ballooning figure is such a touchy subject for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians sibling that he even got into fisticuffs with a female photographer who snapped his unflattering form as he emerged from a Los Angeles gym.

Social media is having a field with day with the increasingly plump Kardashians. Hugely pregnant Kim may look like a couch, and her feet may be the size of a Cadillac Escalade, but hey. The lady’s having a baby.

What’s Rob Kardashian’s excuse for not shedding the weight?

For the time being, he may be avoiding the gym. He recently pled not guilty to attacking photographer Andra Viak. Now, according to multiple reports, Kardashian has been spotted hiking in the Culver City area.

Will it work? So far, the numbers on the scale don’t seem to be moving in the right direction. As TMZ rather cruelly titled one of their videos: “Rob Kardashian is not a loser after all.”

And they didn’t mean he had a beautiful personality. “Can a Kardashian actually stop eating?” they asked in the clip that featured workout photos of Kardashian’s chunky shape in his workout gear.

So what is he doing wrong? “It’s booze,” someone told TMZ. Another voice echoed that: “Yeah, it could be booze.”

It could be an ineffective workout too. Sure, I’ve lost weight by hiking — but only when something has gone terribly wrong and I’ve been separated from food, sports drinks, and beer for a significant amount of time.

I don’t stroll around some hills in Los Angeles and call it a workout. That’s for seniors with bad knees, not a weight loss program.

Back in February, Rob Kardashian shared some weight loss tips that he planned to use to lose 50 pounds. Well, did he actually implement the plan, or did it just not work?

Fit Perez Hilton saluted Kardashian for trying, saying, “He’s doing something about it, which is hugely commendable in and of itself…[W]e say we’re proud of him for even making the effort!”

OK, fine, but are we in kindergarten? Are you a good role model if you’re the living proof that trying just doesn’t work?

And, of course, Twitter has to weigh in on Rob Kardashian’s failed fitness plan:

So far, the peanut gallery is vastly unimpressed with Rob Kardashian’s weight loss try.

[photo of Cheryl Burke and a slimmer Rob Kardashian by Amy Nichole Harris /]