Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart’s Relationship On The Rocks, Must Be Friday

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reportedly experiencing a little bump in their relationship. Must be Friday, right?

In all seriousness, since Pattinson and Stewart never talk to the press about their relationship and seemingly have a standing gag order among friends and family, photographs of the two walking hand-in-hand at Coachella eventually cause someone to say, “Gee, Rob looks not so happy in this picture.”

Then, due to the game of media telephone, that gets translated into “Rob and Kristen are a little rocky, this time they’re definitely breaking up … “

” … Allegedly … “

” … Reportedly … “

Translation: “We made all of this up.”

Still, E! Newsclaims to have it on good authority that Robsten are not doing so hot right now, revealing that things are “a little rocky” between the Twilight lovebirds.

“He’s been hanging out with the boys a lot, and she’s been with her girlfriends,” one source says. “They seem to be living separate lives at the moment. I haven’t seen her around at all.”

The two were supposed to spend Pattinson’s birthday party together last Monday, but apparently ended up fighting instead, with MSNdryly quipping that “K.Stew was photographed showing some actual emotion on her face.”

Really? I don’t see it.

Anyway, another source is downplaying the “rocky” rumors, saying that thing are on the up-and-up, they’re just having normal couple problems.

“They are absolutely still together but are having some difficulties right now,” the insider says. “They’ll be fine. I do not foresee a split — they are just crazy in love. This is just another bump in the road.”

They’re up, they’re down, they’re public, they’re private, they’re staring blankly into cameras, they look like they’ve recently showered (this week). What are you going to do with these kids?

How concerned are you about the future of Robert Pattinson’s relationship with Kristen Stewart?

[Image via: Jaguar PS, Shutterstock]