Caleb Taylor, Hero Kid, Saves Mom And Wants To Be Called ‘Caleb Batman’

Charlotte, NC – Caleb Taylor, or “hero” according to recent plaudits, is just a regular 5-year-old kid … who saved his mother’s life … while both of them were trapped in a moving car.

Caleb’s mom suffered a seizure at the wheel of the family car, and instead of panicking, he simply unbuckled his seat belt, crawled into the front seat, and steered the car to safety. What’s more, he shut the car off himself when his mom wouldn’t respond.

“I was asleep. I was taking a nap, and I just woke up,” Caleb told WSOC-TV. “Then I saw her not driving.”

He pulled the car to the side of the road, and recalls “I unbuckled and turned the car off,” when she would not respond to him. He put the car in neutral and pulled the keys out of the ignition. He admits he was “pretty scared,” but ran for help.

Sandra Taylor, Caleb’s mom, is recovering at home after a passerby called 911.

Caleb’s father, Robert, said that his son responded to the situation exactly how he had been taught to.

“I’ve always told him if a car runs away, turn the ignition off. If something happens, turn the wheel, turn the ignition off,” he said, admitting that Caleb “knows how to start a car and hold a steering wheel.”

But still, “it’s just a miracle of the Lord that he was there at the right place at the right time to give him the strength and the courage to know what to do” Robert said.

Robert told Caleb that he is his hero, and Caleb already has the perfect superhero name picked out for himself: Caleb Batman.

What do you think of Caleb Taylor, hero kid? Oops, sorry, “Caleb Batman.”

[Image via: Marcin-linfernum, Shutterstock]