McDonald’s Employee Spots Own Stolen Car While Working The Drive Thru

Kennewick, WA – It’s one thing to have your car stolen, but to go to work anyway only to have your pilfered vehicle roll up to the drive thru window you’re working, well … let’s just say that falls under the umbrella of “you can’t make this stuff up.”

To wit, Virginia Maiden of Kennewick was floored when her stolen SUV rolled up to the window she was working at McDonald’s to place an order.

Maiden had noticed on Tuesday that her SUV was gone as she left her apartment to start a typical weekday. “She was so confused, didn’t know what was going on, it was just gone,” one of the McDonald’s assistant managers told ABC of the theft.

Instead of calling in with the extremely understandable “my car was stolen” excuse, Maiden hitched a ride to work, later noticing a very familiar looking vehicle pulling up to the window.

Suspicious of the SUV that had pulled to the window, Maiden peeked inside and noticed a McDonald’s visor in the dashboard. That was her car, alright.

“You would think whoever stole the car would say, ‘I’m not going to go to McDonald’s because the owner works there,'” said the manager.

The alleged car thief placed an order for an ice cream, but when Maiden discovered that the SUV was hers, she told the woman at the window that the ice cream machine was broken and that she would need to pull ahead and wait.

“Obviously, the machine wasn’t broken. It was a decoy to stall them till the cops came,” the manager said.

Maiden called 911, and officers made it just in time to arrest the suspect. There were also stolen items and clothing from JC Penney and Sears in the SUV, the police said. The woman has not yet been charged.

“What if she [Maiden] was off? What if she was on a break and not at the window? What if she looked away … It was meant to be,” continued the manager, who wanted to remain anonymous. “It was at the right time and the right moment.”

So if your car is ever stolen, make sure you go to work anyway. Just in case.

[Image via: Tomasz Bidermann, Shutterstock]