11-Year-Old Boy Joined Chelsea’s Europa League Celebrations

An 11-year-old soccer fan managed to join Chelsea players when they collected their Europa League winner’s medals on Wednesday evening.

Louis Kearns, a Liverpool fan, managed to make his way onto the field of play and then walked up to collect the trophy alongside David Luiz and Fernando Torres, whilst millions of sports fans watched from home.

Chelsea FC have stated that they have no idea how he got onto the field of play before walking up to the trophy.

Kearns aunt, Francesca Kearns, remarked, “I was watching the game, but I wasn’t playing much attention to it. I’ve then seen a blond boy walk past the screen and I said, ‘I’m sure that’s our Louis’.”

Kearns then added, “We were just laughing about it as he seems to get himself everywhere. As Torres went up to get his medal, he was waiting behind him and we realised it was him.”

Louis was only away from his rather for around 10 minutes, and he made sure that he could see his boy at all times.

Francesca went on to state, “Torres is his favourite player and Rafa Benitez was his favourite Liverpool manager. He saw the opportunity to get a photograph with Torres, he saw a little opening and he got through it and ended up on the pitch, he then followed and climbed the stairs behind Torres.”

She then concluded, “He is confident and he seems to seize the opportunity, but I think he’s now overwhelmed, he can’t believe what it has caused. Twitter has gone crazy, everyone is asking who he is.”

Louis even managed to shake the hand of UEFA president Michel Platini, and also got a photo taken with the soccer legend.

However a UEFA spokesman said, “The young boy in question was quietly removed once he got spotted on the ceremony tribune.”

What do you think of Louis’ actions?