Obama's 'Marine Umbrella' Scandal Earns POTUS New Round Of Criticism

Dusten Carlson

President Obama's "marine umbrella" scandal is the latest in a long line of O-boo-boos this week that have us wondering when the POTUS became such an easy target.

Just in case you missed the original story, President Obama had a U.S. Marine hold an umbrella over his head during a speech, and all absolute hell broke loose.

But here's what's asinine about the story: The debate is over a U.S. Marine Corps policy banning umbrella holding. Uniform regulations state that a male Marine cannot hold an umbrella while wearing his uniform.

President Obama may or may not have known this, but in the eyes of his critics, he's a huge hypocrite/socialist/Kenyan all the same for making this Marine break regulation.

Obama's "marine umbrella" situation was considered an oddity by others, and a Marine Corps spokesman admitted that seeing a Marine holding an umbrella is "extremely rare."

Of course, since President Obama is the Commander in Chief, if he tells a Marine to hold an umbrella for him, we're guessing that said Marine's commanding officer probably lets it slide.

Still, that hasn't silenced critics of President Obama, who is just this week dealing with a whole slew of new scandals and several old ones popping up once again in light of the new hotness.

He's staring down an AP scandal, an IRS scandal, renewed questions about Benghazi, renewed questions about Fast and Furious (the operation, not the movie) as well as juggling a litany of other garden variety complaints on his "to-do" list ("Why are we still at war, why haven't you closed Gitmo, why is healthcare not as awesome as you promised," etc. etc.).

Leading the charge against Obama yet again is former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin:

— Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) May 17, 2013