What time is it where I live?

The clocks had to “spring forward” in the middle of the night last night, even if you slept through it. .

Daylight Savings confuses the hell out of people, even though most of our time-telling devices (computers, cable boxes and cell phones, for instance) update themselves at the moment clocks change. Some regions and countries observed the ritual early this morning, some don’t at all, and some will in a few weeks.

Confusion about the current time is not the only side effect of the practice (started in the 1940s to save energy during World War II)- the first few days following the clocks changing is marked by a spike in heart attacks. Car accidents, pedestrian deaths and suicides also rise considerably while people adjust to the new schedule.

If you’re unclear on whether the clocks have changed in your region, there’s a handy governmental tool where you can click on your location and deduce the current local time. Time.gov shows not only the time, but highlights the areas where the Daylight Savings practice is not observed.