Mariah Carey Lip-Synch Scandal Angers ‘American Idol’ Fans [Video]

Mariah Carey spent all season judging other singers as they performed live in front of a massive TV audience. When it was her turn to wow the crowd, well, several people are saying that Carey Lip-Synched her way through the American Idol finale last night.

Carey took the stage to sing some of her most famous songs. She performed songs like “Hero,” “My All,” and “Vision Of Love.” The international diva’s performance was so perfect that many started to doubt the authenticity of Carey’s live performance.

One user wrote on Twitter: “@MariahCarey Lip syncing?, nice, since your a judge of “live” singing and all, not that you would know anything about “live” #millivanilli.”

Mariah Carey isn’t the only one to find herself in a lip synch scandal this year. Beyonce was criticized earlier this year when she chose to pre-record a song for President Obama’s inauguration. Beyonce said that she chose to lip-sync the song because she was singing outdoors and that the conditions were not ideal for a live performance.

Mariah, of course, can’t use the same excuse. She was singing on the same stage as all of the contestants and her diva rival Jennifer Lopez.

Here’s a video of Mariah’s performance last night. DO you think she was singing live or lip-syncing.

After the performance, Carey’s rep denied that the singer lip-synced her songs. The rep told Entertainment Tonight: “No she did not lip sync! She sang three times and even sang additional songs for fans in between [commercials].”

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