Joe Francis Is A [Bleep]bag

The entertaining tiff between Joe Francis and Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend Samantha Ronson has hit a new low, thanks to the New York Post and their fun meddling. In today’s mention, they start off with a little intro about what Joe’s been up to, saying:

On today’s “Tyra Banks Show,” the “Girls Gone Wild” czar calls Lindsay Lohan’s deejay girlfriend “very jealous. Samantha tried to start a fight with me. I care about Lindsay – she’s not gay. She’s being controlled by this… wretched woman, this Samantha.”

Samantha hit back after the New York Post told her what Joe said (love it!), saying “I think he’s one of the more disgusting human beings in the world because of what he does… He’s a [bleep]bag.” She added that “He has no manners.” Since Joe is so willing to slam people who are in a happy relationship, I concur.

One thing bothers me, though: You’d think that Joe would be down with any prospect of girl-on-girl. I guess he’s the kind of guy who only likes lesbians if they are both hot-n-trashy? Is he jealous of Sam?

[Bleep]bag, indeed.