Toronto Earthquake Registers 5.1 Magnitude, Followed By 4.2 Aftershock

Toronto was rocked by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake at 9:43 am on Friday. The earthquake originated 25 kilometres (15 miles) outside of the city.

The US Geological Survey reports that the earthquake originated in the area north-northeast of Shawville, Quebec.

The earthquake was file kilometers deep according to the USGS.

Ten minutes after the initial earthquake, a 4.2-magnitude aftershock was reported.

Residents throughout Toronto, Ottawa, and even Huron, Ohio felt the effects of the earthquake.

Seismologist John Adams of Earthquake Canada tells The Star: “It was obviously widely felt if it reached Toronto.”

Update: Ontario Provincial Police in Arnprior, Ontario tell The Globe And Mail that, despite their close proximity to the epicenter, no reports of damage have been provided at this time.

Update 9:56 am: Bernie Dunn of the Southern Ontario Seismic Network tells TheSpec that earthquakes registering 4.0 or higher are likely in the Western Quebec seismic zone. According to Dunn:

“You’ll get a few more big ones out that way than we do in this part of southern Ontario,” he said. “But a 5.1 is still fairly unusual … we felt it here (in London).”

Smaller aftershocks are likely to be reported throughout the day.

[Image via Wladyslaw / Wikipedia]