Stupid Burglars Break Into Home, Lock Homeowner Inside His Own Gun Closet

Three burglars in Houston, Texas have just qualified for our stupidest criminals of the year award.

The three men broke into a man’s home this week and then locked him inside a closet. There was just one problem: It was a closet full of guns.

At first the burglars’ plan appeared to work, the man stood quietly in the closet. Moments later, the man emerged to determine if the men had left his home. Before one of the robbers could shoot him, the man opened fire.

One of the robbers were hit in the shoulder and leg, and his two friends quickly fled away in their Chevy Tahoe.

The man who was struck by several bullets from the homeowner made his way out of the house and collapsed in the street.

According to witnesses, the shot criminal was seen crying out in pain as he laid in a pool of his own blood.

The injured robber was taken to Ben Taub Hospital where he was treated for his wounds and taken into custody for robbery.

The neighborhood where the break-in occurred has been witnessing an increase in violence over the last year. In one case, criminals simply kicked in a door and robbed a home.

The home owner who opened fire on the robber will not face charges. Gun owners in Texas are allowed to shoot and even kill trespassers under a law known as the “castle doctrine.” Under that law, the person being attacked does not have a “duty to retreat.”

The castle doctrine allows a homeowner to attack someone in their home if that person enters the house and is armed.

Neighbors are heralding the man’s actions amid increasing crime.

Do you think the home owner acted responsibly in defending his home from the robbers?

[Image via ShutterStock]