Soap Actor Charged With Selling Cocaine

Soap actor Dylan Patton was recently charged with selling cocaine.

Patton, whose TV credits include Days of Our Lives and an episode of That’s So Raven, was allegedly selling the drug out of his home in Agoura Hills. He was later arrested for the crime.

Authorities told TMZ that an undercover officer caught Patton in the act not too long ago. He was taken into custody on Tuesday (May 14) for peddling the substance. The soap actor was later charged with felony possession of cocaine with the intent to sell.

Although it’s being reported that Sheriff’s deputies found the illegal substance inside his residence, it’s unclear just how much they confiscated during the search.

A spokeswoman for Los Angeles County prosecutors said Dylan Patton was charged with the crime on Thursday. He is reportedly still in jail as of this writing. The actor’s bail was set at $30,000.

If the soap actor is convicted of selling cocaine out of his home, then he could face up to nine years in prison. It’s currently unknown if he has managed to obtain legal representation.

Dylan Patton is best known for his portrayal of Will Horton on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. The actor appeared on the long-running daytime drama from February of 2009 until January of 2010. During his time on the show, Patton worked on nearly 100 episodes.

Prior to landing the role on Days of Our Lives, Patton appeared in a number of low-budget motion pictures. The actor’s credits include director Lorraine Senna’s Paradise, Texas, the family drama Sheeba with Edward Asner, and the 2009 action thriller First Strike.

Two years after his appearance on That’s So Raven, Patton landed a one-off role in the crime drama Cold Case. He would find his way onto Days of Our Lives two years later.

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