Man Arrested In Idaho Terrorism Case

A man was arrested on Thursday in connection with an Idaho terrorism case. The suspect, an Uzbekistan national, was charged in Idaho and Utah federal courts for allegedly making a bomb, as well as sending money to a terrorist group in his home country.

Fazliddin Kurbanov was living legally in Boise, Idaho when he allegedly made a bomb and supported the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan — a terrorist group, according to the US Department of Justice.

Kurbanov was arrested on Thursday in Boise and later charged in federal courts. A federal grand jury indicted Kurbanov with conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, and possessing an unregistered destructive device.

John Carlin, Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security, stated of the Idaho terrorism arrest:

“Today’s arrest underscores the need for continued vigilance against terrorist threats both at home and abroad. I thank the many agents, analysts and prosecutors responsible for this important investigation.”

Along with the Idaho indictment, a separate federal grand jury in Utah returned an indictment for the Uzbekistan national, charging him with distributing information about explosives, bombs and weapons of mass destruction. Wendy Olson, the US attorney in Idaho, added that Kurbanov is the only person charged.

She added that any potential threat was contained by his arrest, explaining, “He was closely monitored during the course of the investigation. The investigation has been under way for some time.” Olson refused to give out any other information about Kurbanov’s alleged activities.

The US attorney’s office also issued a news release about the Idaho terrorism case, saying that Kurbanov entered the United States legally. It is not clear what his immigration status is.

It is not clear when Kurbanov moved to the United States, or what he did while in Utah and Idaho. The Utah indictment alleges that Kurbanov demonstrated how to make and use explosive devices between January 14 and January 24. That included showing online videos, conduction instructional shopping trips, and providing recipes and tips.

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