Vikings Move QB Webb To Wide Reciever, Tim Tebow Could Follow Suit

The Vikings decided to move backup QB Joe Webb to wide receiver. University of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was drafted last month as a wide receiver.

Could Tim Tebow be next? If he wants to stay in the NFL, the answer is yes.

The free agent quarterback has had one successful season in the NFL, leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and to a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round.

But even as a full-time starter, Tebow didn’t the look of a conventional quarterback. He won games mostly on his bruising running style, wearing down opposing defenses with four quarters of punishment. His sub-50 percent completion rating and lack of arm strength and accuracy didn’t exactly strike fear in defenses.

If Tebow watched the Vikings move their QB to wide receiver, he might catch a glimpse of his own future. Tebow’s game lends much better to playing fullback or tight end, a position where he can use his size and strength and not have to worry about his arm.

Webb seems up the for the challenge in Minnesota.

“Coach brought me in the office and talked to me about the different plans they had and stuff,” Webb told Sid Hartman of the Star-Tribune. “I haven’t played [receiver] since my rookie minicamp, but I think I can adjust to it pretty good. You just have to put in a lot of work. Coach Stew [wide receivers coach George Stewart] will do a lot of that with me, so we’ll see what happens.”

For Tebow to make the shift to fullback or tight end, it would take the same kind of enthusiasm and work ethic. But seeing what Tebow has already done in the NFL — working hard to change his throwing motion after his senior year at Florida, accepting odd jobs like punt protector with the Jets — suggest he’s ready for it.

If the Vikings can move their QB to a new position, so can Tebow.