UFL has six finalist for Sacramento team name

The United Football League is holding a name the team contest for its relocated Sacramento franchise. Now they have narrowed the list down to six finalists. Here are my rankings of the six team names:

  1. Redwoods- Going from the California Redwoods, to the Sacramento Red woods would be just fine. In fact of the four original UFL teams I liked the Redwoods moniker second best. The Redwoods nickname has ties to the Sacramento area and would save the team from having to rebrand itself, but new uniforms are an absolute must.
  2. Senators- Sacramento is the capital of California and teams names the Senators always sound cool. I also happen to be a fan of nicknames that start with the same letter and are fairly similar to say. Sacramento Senators rolls very nicely.
  3. Pioneers- I got to say the first tow are good and then the quality goes way down. Pioneers fits the California spirit, but I have a hard tie imagining a logo that would look good on a helmet for this one.
  4. Miners- This is another one that is trying to capture the historic sprit of California, but this team cannot be the Miners with the 49ers being in their same state. It would be confusing, and would not help to set this league apart from the NFL.
  5. Condors- frankly I don’t get this one, but football already has far too many teams named after birds.
  6. Sting- Names like this are saved for Lacrosse teams, or really bad Arena Football teams. It lacks imagination, and I don’t want to see a football team dressed up like a bunch of bumble bees.

In the end the UFL and the owners of this franchise should heed one rule, if it ain’t broke don’t bother fixing it. However we have to admire the commitment of this league to reach out to its fan base.

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