Detroit Tire Shop Allegedly Paid Workers With Crack

A Detroit tire shop allegedly paid its employees in crack cocaine instead of a paycheck for their work.

The business, ironically called Big C’s Tire Shop, originally came under federal investigation for alleged counterfeiting of US Postal Service paychecks to the tune of $100,000. But investigators also discovered that the shop had an interesting employee incentive program. “According to federal documents, if you cut the grass, you got a rock. Move tires, you get a rock.”

Apparently the business — which was located across the street from a senior center — was allegedly exploiting drug addiction for cheap labor. “Law enforcement became suspicious when they traced the bogus checks back to Big C’s, where a sweep of the auto garage turned up laser printers, computers, blank identification cards and check stock paper to make the fake notes — and some other items that raised the suspicion of police.” The suspicious items apparently included drug paraphernalia, and at that time the owner allegedly admitted he paid employees with illegal drugs.

The feds are reportedly only going to pursue the counterfeiting case rather than any drug charges because they believe they have stronger evidence. The illegal counterfeiting also carries a stiffer penalty if a guilty verdict is obtained. The tire shop is no longer paying employees with crack rocks fortunately.

In February, Detroit was named by Forbes as America’s most miserable city. Detroit took the title from Miami, FL, last year’s winner, which was nowhere to be found on this year’s list. Second place went to Flint, MI, while third went to Rockford, IL. Michigan, Illinois, and California tied for most appearances on the list, with three cities each. Forbes based its decision on nine factors: violent crime, unemployment, foreclosures, income taxes, property taxes, home prices, commute times, weather, and net migration. Violent crime in Detroit remains the highest in the country, with 1,052 violent crimes per 100,000 people. This is combined with cutbacks made to the police force as a result of the city’s financial problems.

[Top image credit: Specious]

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