Michele Bachmann Looks To Make Political Comeback, Repeal ObamaCare

Michele Bachmann may have crashed and burned in her bid to win the GOP nomination last year, but the Minnesota congresswoman isn’t quite ready to leave the national spotlight.

Though she is still battling allegations of election finance fraud and allegations that her campaign tried to bribe a GOP official in Iowa, Bachmann is trying to keep her status as the leader of the GOP charge against Barack Obama.

This week Michele Bachmann sponsored a bill that would repeal ObamaCare. She also provided a forum for tea party groups to air grievances against the Internal Revenue Service, which was found to have added undue scrutiny to these conservative organizations.

The scandal that erupted after the IRS allegations came to light is right in the political sweet spot for Bachmann, a tea party darling and leader of the House Tea Party Caucus.

Despite near-constant scorn from the left, Bachmann has handled the opposition deftly and been able to maintain her important part in the GOP.

“History is filled with stories of political comebacks and she will have that opportunity — and she has the capability to rehab her image and change the focus to her work instead of these other issues,” said Keith Appell, a GOP consultant. “Given how this issue of the IRS’ persecution of the tea party is mushrooming, an opportunity is emerging for her — if she plays it right — to be relevant again. The IRS scandal will fuel tea party participation in the 2014 elections, so if she can get out from underneath these other issues she could play a significant role next year and potentially benefit from a tea party conservative victory.”

Democrats are also happy that Michele Bachmann is remaining on the national stage. Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist, said her views are “so far out of the mainstream” that it can only help Democrats by comparison.

The ongoing investigation into Bachmann’s campaign also casts a pall over a potential comeback. And in addition, congressional ethics investigators are also examining whether Michele Bachmann campaign staffers played an improper role in her 2011 book tour promoting her memoir, Core of Conviction.