Pizza Man Makes Cocaine Delivery, Gets Arrested

A pizza man / cocaine delivery guy was arrested this week in New York after selling more than $45,000 worth of coke to undercover police officers.

Officers say that Ramon Rodriguez, 45, used his pizza route as a cover to deliver cocaine. The Papa John’s pizza man made at least 19 cocaine deliveries around New York to undercover officers since 2011.

His final pizza sale /cocaine drop occurred last Wednesday when he sold an undercover cop a kilo of cocaine.

Pix11 reports that the undercover agent met Rodriguez outside of a Papa John’s on 5th avenue on Wednesday night. Rodriguez went inside to get a pizza, some chicken nuggets, and a bag full of cocaine. Rodriguez was arrested when he placed the bag in the officer’s car.

It’s unclear if the officer was expected to give the pizza man a tip for his drug delivery.

Officers said that Rodriguez admitted to using his pizza route as a cover. The man allegedly made stops throughout his day to deliver cocaine, pizza, and chicken wings.

Rodriguez was charged with the criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Here’s a video report from Pix11.

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