Scarlett Johansson Snags Directorial Debut With ‘Summer Crossing’

Scarlett Johansson is slowly proving that she’s more than a one trick pony. The Tony award winning actress, just ended her run as Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. So with film and theater under her belt, what’s next?

It’s reported that Johansson is set to make her directorial debut for the film Summer Crossing, which is an adaptation of Truman Capote’s first novel of the same title. It’s a brave choice going out the gate, but we have a feeling since she waited so long that this will be handled with care.

The novel, which was written by Capote in the 1940s but released in 2005 centers around a 17-year old debutante living in New York City in the year 1945. Said woman abandons the idea of staying with her family on vacation in France, and starts a romance with a Jewish parking lot attendant in the city instead. Its said that Playwright Tristine Skyler has already written the screenplay. As of right now the film is set to start filming in the summer.

Summer Crossing will be Johansson’s first time directing a feature length film. She got her feet wet in 2008 when she directed a short for the film New York, I Love You which starred The Following’s Kevin Bacon. However, Scarlett’s contribution was cut from the original film.

Perhaps Scarlett Johansson has learned a thing or two about directing from first-time director Joseph Gordon-Levitt who made his directorial debut at Sundance acting alongside Johansson in Don Jon.

In Joe’s film, the actress is opposite Gordon-Levitt, as she plays one half of a doomed relationship. For her own directorial debut in Summer Crossing its not yet known whether she too will pull both duties of acting and directing. Either way it seems like a great albeit challenging piece to direct.