Lebron James did not test positive for steroids

Poor Lebron James.

The 24 minute news cycle claimed a gossip victim today with misleading headlines about Lebron testing positive for steroids. While that part is technically true, it wasn’t NBA star Lebron James that tested positive for the performance enhancing drugs- it was Cleveland Indians minor leaguer Steven Lebron:

Lebron, a member of the Indians Dominican Summer League team, was signed in January. His contract was voided at no cost to the Indians.

Three other minor leaguers tested positive: Mets pitcher Melvin Colon and Yankees catcher Josue Rodriguez and pitcher Israel Tolentino. They were suspended for 50 games.


The performance enhancing drug in question was Boldenone metabolite, a horse steroid commonly used by bodybuilders to edge out the competition. The substance is banned by the MLB. The other Lebron’s was voided with no cost to the Cleveland Indians.