Samuel L. Jackson Scores New Role In ‘Barely Lethal’

Are you ready to see Samuel L. Jackson in another action comedy? Get ready. Word out of the Cannes Film Festival is that a new action comedy starring Samuel L. Jackson alongside Hailee Steinfeld is being shopped around. RKO Pictures is calling the film Barely Lethal, and this makes this film the third Samuel L. Jackson project that’s currently being shopped around at Cannes Film Festival.

The other Jackson related projects being shopped at Cannes is a live-action remake of a Japanese anime film Kite, which just completed filming, and the hunting movie titled Big Game. For his latest film Barely Lethal, will see Samuel L. Jackson opposite Hailee Steinfeld.

Barely Lethal’s official synopsis reads as follows:

“The action-comedy is described as a playful, high-velocity romp in which a 16-year-old international assassin (Hailee Steinfeld) yearning for “normal” adolescence fakes her own death and enrolls in a suburban high school. When her former-employer (Jackson) comes calling, it becomes more than any teenager can handle.”

Kyle Newman, director of Fanboys and TV series The Crazies will direct the film, from John D’Arco’s script. It seems that this isn’t the only familiar premise. Recently the Equalizer reboot saw Denzel Washington up against Chloe Moretz, and Will Smith’s Warner Bros project Focus originally saw him against Kristen Stewart as con artists. Looks like Samuel L. Jackson wanted to get in on the older wiser man versus young female ingenue. However, since this film seems like a comedy it looks like it may take off in the front of all the other films.

Samuel L. Jackson has been keeping very busy as of late. Right now the actor is filming Dreamworks’ Turbo, and is reprising his role in Captain America as Nick Fury, which will also earn him his own spin-off film titled Nick Fury.

Which Samuel L. Jackson film are you excited for?