Man Burns Down Neighbor’s House Over Messy Lawn

Cartersville, GA – A man allegedly burned down his neighbor’s house over a messy lawn.

Authorities believe that 58-year-old Phillip Roger Bennett was so enraged by the sight of his neighbor’s tall grass that he set the house ablaze. He later turned himself over to police in North Carolina.

Bennett and neighbor Marty Corbitt have just recently butted heads over the state of the man’s yard. While there have been no incidents between the neighbors since Corbitt moved in four years ago, all of that changed when he started receiving complaints about the grass.

The neighbors, who live across the street from one another, also came to blows. Corbitt said Bennett previously slapped him across the face before telling him to mow his yard. Bennett allegedly burned down his neighbor’s house before he had a chance to cut his lawn.

Police said Corbitt was inside his home with his children when Bennett started kicking his door. Frightened that his neighbor might try something violent, the father locked the door and refused to come outside. Bennett later returned while his neighbor was calling 911.

Corbitt explained to 9News:

“Walks up to my kitchen door again, takes a gas can, smashes it against the glass, breaks the first pane. Then he turns around and grabs a brick, throws it through the window. And then he grabs a gas can and starts pouring it into the kitchen. And as he’s pouring he takes his lighter and lights it. And flames were everywhere. I ran back to my little girl’s room, grabbed her, ran out the back door over to my neighbor’s and watched the house burn.”

Corbitt said he lost everything in the fire. Unfortunatley, Bennett escaped before police arrived on the scene. He would eventually turn up in Murphy, North Carolina. Authorities said he would be transported back to Georgia as soon as possible.

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