Bear Eats Camera: Records Inside Mouth [Video]

A filmmaker recorded a bear eating a camera. The frightening film includes footage from inside the bear’s mouth. Amazingly, the GoPro camera was not damaged.

Cameraman Brad Josephs set the camera up to film bears for the Great Bear Stakeout, which recently premiered on The Discovery Channel and BBC. Josephs hoped to get some close-up shots of the bears, but he never expected to film the bear from inside its mouth.

The film, provided by, provides a clear and terrifying example of what it might look like to be eaten by a bear.

The Great Bear Stakeout was filmed over a period of five months. The cameramen, guides, and ecologists, spent the entire time observing and filming a pack of grizzly bears.

As reported by, numerous cameras were set up throughout the area, in an effort to offer a close-up view of the bears’ habits and behavior. They were thrilled that they managed to capture footage of a bear eating a camera.

In 2008 another camera captured footage of a bear chewing on, and pawing at, a camera. The remote video, recorded by the USGS Northern Divide Grizzly Bear Project, also features a grizzly bear.

As explained on, the camera was enclosed in a translucent cover. The bear removed the camera from the tree, but it was not damaged.

The USGS Grizzly Bear Project researches and records grizzly bear population size and survival rates. They conduct their research using remote cameras, and by studying DNA. As they do not wish to disturb the bears’ natural habits, they collect the hair samples from “snag stations,” and film them using motion activated cameras.

In 2011 another cameraman captured brief footage of a bear trying to eat his trail camera. The film is short, and the type of bear is not identified. However, the short clip offers a close-up view of the bear’s face as he nibbles on the camera.

While they likely have little or no nutritional value, for some reason bears eat cameras. It may simply be curiosity about an unknown object in their habitat. Whatever the reason, the footage provides a unique and fascinating view of the bears.

[Image via deviantART]