Nicki Minaj Leaving ‘American Idol?’ Twitter Weighs In

Nicki Minaj is reportedly leaving American Idol after only one season.

The rapper has received mixed reviews for her performance on the long-running singing competition. Many fans of the show haven’t responded well to her brand of judging, which may explain why ratings have been the lowest in American Idol history.

While it initially appeared that the drama between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj would help bring viewers back into the fold, it seemed to have the opposite effect once the season was underway. Now it would seem the controversial musician is preparing to leave the program behind.

“It’s safe to say she isn’t coming back to ‘Idol.’ She’s OK with it. She had a great time but was only going to do one season anyway,” an insider reportedly told Us Weekly.

Although reports about her departure are currently making the rounds on a number of websites, nothing official about Nicki Minaj vacating American Idol has been addressed as of this writing.

According to the New York Daily News, there’s a strong possibility that all four judges might be gone after this season. Randy Jackson has already announced his retirement from the program, but it’s still unclear if Mariah Carey and Keith Urban will return for another season.

Rumors also suggest that the competition will feature only three judges when it returns to the small screen. Apparently four opinions is simply one too many.

As soon as it was reported that Minaj was leaving the show, Twitter fans started weighing in on her departure from American Idol. You can find some of their reactions to these rumors below.

Are you disappointed that Nicki Minaj is leaving American Idol?

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