Nintendo Stops Gay Marriage In Game, Condemns ‘Human Relations That Become Strange’

Nintendo’s gay marriage stance apparently became quite clear when a “glitch” was fixed in a popular video game, taking away the ability to have same sex marriages.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, even before the gay marriage controversy Nintendo saw its Wii U console continuing to struggle. Although, some say the Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 may suffer like the Wii U.

The Nintendo gay marriage controversy started when it was discovered that Tomodachi Collection: New Life for the 3DS has a bug which apparently enables male Miis the ability to marry other male Miis in a gay marriage.

In a recent Tomodachi Collection patch Nintendo explained what was fixed. Most of the changes were normal, like “the inability to boot up the game,” “error messages,” and “the inability to save.”

What raised some eyebrows when Nintendo’s gay marriage stance became inadvertently clear based upon one of the patch notes, which, when translated from Japaense, roughly reads, “Human relations become strange.”

While Nintendo’s gay marriage bug apparently affects both male and female characters, Nintendo has not made it clear whether the patch will remove just same sex male relationships, or if female, or lesbian, relationships will be removed as well.

Meanwhile, homosexual Tomodachi Collection: New Life owners are busy posting photos of their virtual gay marriages. The images portray male Mii characters asking each other to go steady, proposing marriage, going on Honeymoons, bathing together, and raising children.

What do you think about Nintendo saying gay marriage is “human relations becom[ing] strange”?