Childcare Loses Son For An Hour: Mom Offered $7 Discount

An mom reports that after-school childcare lost her son for an hour. To compensate her for the stress, they offered her a $7 discount. She has now filed a formal complaint against the program.

The Australian woman, who has remained anonymous, accuses the Helping Hands Network of losing her son while he attended an after-school program. Workers at the center did not even realize the 5-year-old was missing, until his mother arrived to pick him up.

As reported by, the mother immediately panicked. She states that she was “crying, and vomited, a couple of times through the search.” She and the childcare staff spent an hour searching the building, grounds, and surrounding area for the little boy.

An hour later, police contacted the woman to report her son was found. An unidentified woman found the 5-year-old wandering around, over a mile from the school. The child crossed at least nine busy streets during rush hour.

As reported by Yahoo 7 News, after the childcare lost her son for at least one hour, the mom was offered a $7 discount. The discount covered the cost of attendance for the day, but it did not make up for the fear and stress.

The mom filed a formal complaint with the regulatory authority. She contends that the childcare workers were neglectful for allowing her son to wander away unnoticed.

The Helping Hands Network operations manager, Libby Kerry, states that the staff members involved in the incident have been disciplined for losing track of the child. She further admits that they “understand the very real concern of the parents involved,” and have taken steps to prevent a similar incident in the future.

Losing a child is a devastating thought, even if it is only for an hour. The mother was elated to find her son unharmed. However, the childcare lost her son, and she feels they owe her more than $7 for their neglect.

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