Jessica Alba Posts Street Fighter Photos On Instagram

Jessica Alba really loves Street Fighter.

Taking a cue from Japanese schoolgirls, the busy mom and actress has posted several pictures on Instagram that were inspired by the classic video game.

In the photos, Jessica Alba can be seen performing Ryu’s special “Hadouken” attack with varying degrees of success. Although the most recent photos aren’t quite as impressive as her previous efforts, it’s kind of cool to see the Machete star sharing the Street Fighter love with her followers.

While Alba has posted several “Hadouken” attempts over the past few weeks, the one shared in April with husband Cash Warren is probably the most successful. The actress appears to be flying backwards as her spouse performs Ryu’s iconic move. The shot was snapped by professional photographer Justin Coit.

The Sin City alum’s most recent attempts were posted earlier this week on Instagram. Although the pictures are amusing in their own right, the one featuring Alba and Warren is easily her best effort thus far. You can check out all of her pictures by visiting her official page.

The Street Fighter-inspired pictures seemed to originate with schoolgirls in Japan. It didn’t take long for people to post copycat images, many of which have become viral sensations over the past few months.

However, these “Hadouken” photos soon transitioned from anime to sci-fi. Shortly after the pictures started making the rounds online, clever photographers began using Darth Vader’s famous choke hold as inspiration for their own viral images. Laughing Squid has a number of amusing “Vadering” pictures.

Jessica Alba Instagram

When Jessica Alba isn’t posting countless pics on Instagram, she still finds time to make some movies. The actress will soon start promoting Robert Rodriguez’s Machine Kills and Sin City: A Girl to Kill For. Both flicks are slated to arrive in theaters later this year.

What do you think about Jessica Alba and her Street Fighter photos?

[Top Image via Featureflash / – Bottom Image via Instagram]