Chris Christie Says He Was Angry At His Clothes

Chris Christie said his growing size made him very angry at his clothes.

The New Jersey governor recently revealed he underwent weight loss surgery earlier this year over growing concerns about his health. However, Christie explained during a recent interview that his increased discomfort in his clothes may have played a hand in his decision to have the procedure.

Christie said he became angry at his clothes after they started getting too tight. Getting dressed for evenings out with his wife would ultimately put him in a very bad mood. Depression soon set in, prompting the governor to question his ability to overcome these problems.

“I’d be changing out of my professional clothes … and would go to casual clothes that I didn’t wear a lot, and then something wouldn’t fit. That’s when I’d really be angry with myself,” he explained to The Record.

The governor added, “It’s not as simple as, ‘Push yourself away from the table and you’ll be fine.'”

Christie explained that he tried to lose weight several times before opting for the gastric bypass surgery. Although he had the procedure last February, his decision to have the procedure wasn’t revealed until this month. He added that the surgery was done for his health and not for his career.

However, Chris Christie admits that he’s been approached by several people about how “handsome” he would look if he just dropped a few pounds. While this might make for some uncomfortable conversations, the New Jersey governor said he welcomes constructive comments about his health.

“Especially older women will say things to me in a motherly way, like, ‘You know, if you lost 30 pounds, you would be so handsome.’ I don’t mind those kinds of conversations where people say, ‘I’m concerned about you; we need you to be governor, we need you to lose weight,'” he explained.

If Chris Christie remains devoted to losing weight and staying health, then he shouldn’t have any reason to be angry at his clothes.

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