Kohl's Shoppers Get Black Friday Surprise: Pole Falls In Parking Lot, Crushing Cars

Kolh's shoppers in Milwaukee got a surprise during their Black Friday shopping when a light pole fell over, damaging five vehicles.

The Kohl's incident took place during a wind storm, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. The pole was blown over and fell onto five cars parked in the lot. Though someone was in one of the cars, no one was reported injured in the incident.

The Kohl's store was reportedly packed with Black Friday shoppers when the incident occurred at around 2 pm, the Journal-Sentinel reported.

Wind gusts at the time were strong, as the National Weather Service reported on its website that the wind at nearby Mitchell International Airport saw gusts of 35 mph just before the incident.

Though there were no downed poles to damage cars, other Kohl's locations reported an eventful Black Friday. The retail outlet was busy in several cities due to promotions like a "dream receipt" promotion where the company picks up the entire shopping deal for one customer each day.

In New Jersey, shoppers crowded a Kohl's store in Rariton Township, leaving the store packed and some people worried that they wouldn't be able to navigate the long lines in time to turn in discounts that ended at 1 pm.As the Hunterdon County Democrat reported, the Raritan Township Kohl's was a big hit with shoppers:

"The lines that snaked from the back of the store to two banks of cash registers seemed interminable. Near the end of one, Suzanne Shaw — 72nd in a line of 93 — leaned on the handle of a baby stroller that carried 20-month-old Nathan. 'I never go out on Black Friday,' Shaw insisted. "I don't like crowds.' "

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