Texas Tornado Leaves At Least 6 Dead, 100 Injured

A tornado in North Texas has killed at least six people, injured close to 100, and destroyed dozens of homes on Wednesday.

The tornado devastated parts of North Texas, cutting through the city of Granbury at close to 8 pm. Officials said the tornado cut a path of destruction through two neighborhoods in the town of 8,000 people, leaving recovery officials to sift through the wreckage and try to determine a death toll.

“Some were found in houses. Some were found around houses,” Sheriff Roger Deeds said at a midnight press conference. He added that the death toll from the Texas tornado could still rise.

Residents in the area described a scene of total destruction, with trees split and power lines toppled.

“The house across from mine looked like it was destroyed,” said 22-year-old Allacia Jenny, who saw the Texas tornado cut through her neighborhood.

Darrin Vasquez, another witness, said the Texas tornado was “very loud and violent,” and described the storm as a vacuum that seemed to be lifting everything up.

“Thank God we’re all right. We all said our prayers,” Vasquez said, adding that he used a mattress to shield his family from debris in a bathroom of their home.

The tornado caused injuries to even more people, with 50 taken to a hospital in Granbury, 14 of whom were admitted. Another 14 people remained unaccounted for.

The total number of injured from the Texas tornado could top 100, noted Matt Zavadsky, spokesman for MedStar Mobile Healthcare.

A video taken by a local resident showed the moment the Texas tornado began to form. The video showed dark clouds spinning slowly as a funnel began to take shape.

The Texas tornado also struck the town of Cleburn, where downed power lines made it difficult for evacuated residents to return to their homes.