Evan Mathis, NFL Player, Pees On The IRS, Literally

Evan Mathis, NFL player, pees on IRS building: yes, you read that correctly. Not only did the Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman relieve himself on Internal Revenue Service property, but he also posted a pic of it on Instagram.

The little sprinkle happened Wednesday on the same day that NBC News reported interim commissioner of the IRS Steven Miller would be forced to resign amid incompetence and misconduct in unfairly targeting conservative groups with greater financial scrutiny.

The IRS scandal has been a black eye for President Barack Obama’s second term, and it did little to bridge the gap between parties in an increasingly partisan Washington.

With that said, Evan Mathis did what millions of Americans — Democrats, Republicans, and now, especially, Tea Party members — have longed to do.

Along with the bold, brave, and somewhat immature imagery, Mathis posted a simple two-word caption: “Audit this.” Classy. And funny.

Philly.com reported that DCFanaticsBlog speculated an apology would be on the way tweeting, “Evan Mathis will be apologizing later today. Count on that,” to which Mathis responded, “How high are we counting?”

(Looks like the IRS may have to wait a little longer if they plan on a mea culpa any time soon.)

You’ve got to hand it to Mathis on this. He’s taking a bold step in the very public, permanent online world, by lashing out against the government body with the most potential to make one’s life a living hell.

“NFL player pees on building” isn’t a headline you can forget very easily, and it’s likely the NFL will respond with one of its famous fines as a result of the crude gesture. There’s also the possibility that the IRS could next shift unfair scrutiny to wise-guy offensive linemen now that conservative groups are off the table.

Either way, Mr. Evan Mathis — NFL player, who pees on IRS property — we salute you for having the guts to do it. What do you think — too disrespectful or perfectly understandable?