D. Woods ‘Will Not Be Part’ Of Danity Kane Reunion

Danity Kane announced earlier this week that a reunion, sans band creator Diddy, was in the works, and one of the first questions fans asked was: Will D. Woods be involved?

The answer is an emphatic “no.”

While the four other girls — Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, Aubrey O’Day, and Dawn Richard — are reportedly under new management and are planning a tour and a new album, D. Woods (real name Wanita Woodgett) was noticeably absent from the lunch meeting at the Groove in Los Angeles Monday.

There has been plenty of speculation about why D. Woods wasn’t involved with the reunion, with one reason being that she is busy working on her solo career. D. Woods, along with O’Day, was kicked out of the group by Diddy in 2008. O’Day was later asked back, but D. Woods was removed from the group because Diddy felt she was unhappy.

The following year, Diddy announced that he wanted the girls back for Making the Band 4, but only Richard and Fimbres showed up. Bex said she was unhappy with the the discord in the group, and Richard said she heard that Bex was “happy” with her life outside the band, and Bex later confirmed that it was a “personal choice.”

Danity Kane will go on without D. Woods

D. Woods has said in the past that the group failed because it didn’t have a “sound foundation. ” In 2009, when Danity Kane officially debanded, she clearly stated that she had no intention of rejoining the group.

“It came to an end when it needed to. There was a lot of outstanding issues and obviously that was the only way it could be resolved,” D. Woods said. “But if your services are not being appreciated, you gotta take it elsewhere.”

Now D. Woods is speaking out again. She told Freddy O, “It has been brought to my attention that my former group members of Danity Kane will be reuniting and while I will not be a part of the reunion; I wish the ladies blessings and much success on their endeavors.”

D. Woods also emphasized that she was working on new music and theater and film projects. Woods will be appearing in Rebirth! The Musical, which premieres at the Fox Theater in Atlanta on May 30. The musical also includes Lynn Whitfield, former 112 member Quinnes “Q.” Parker, and Nephew Tommy from The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Rebirth! runs through June 2.

Are you disappointed that D. Woods won’t be involved with the Danity Kane reunion?

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