Men Experience Childbirth Simulator In Hilarious Viral Video

Men struggle with a childbirth simulator in a viral video that proves what moms already knew — it is hard work pushing a baby out.

The two men in the video had questioned whether childbirth was really the most intense pain there was. Their wives insisted, but apparently the men thought they could endure it.

They were wrong.

The video begins with the men walking side by side as one saysthat, according to women, childbirth is the worst kind of pain there is. The other man mentions that women believe men can’t handle the pain.

To find out the answer the men pay a visit to Dr. Julie Masters, who straps electrodes to their stomachs that will simulate the sensation of contractions.

“That sounds fun!” one of them says.

He quickly learned it was anything but fun. The simulation started, and the two men began writhing in pain. Their wives were good partners, coaching them through and instructing them on how to breathe, though they can’t seem to contain their entertainment.

“Stop smiling!” one of the men yelled to his wife as she gave the other woman a high-five.

At one point in the childbirth simulation video, Dr. Julie Masters asks a man how high on a numeric scale his pain has reached. He answers a “7.”

No, she says. It was only set to “4.”

“It feels like someone’s taken a saw and is just carving up my abdomens,” one of the men gasped between contractions.

The childbirth simulator lasted for an hour, and afterward the men seemed haggered. “Mom, if anything that I just experienced is anywhere close to what I did to you, all those years ago, I’m sorry,” one of the men said. “You’re like a superhero. You’re one tough mama. Happy Mother’s Day!”

In the end of the childbirth simulator video, the men may have survived, but they’ll likely never question the pains of labor again.