Obama Cousin: IRS Messed With Me Too

Robert Jonathan

Barack Obama's second cousin Dr. Milton Wolf claims the IRS mysteriously held up his tax refund and the White House might have even tried to get him fired from his newspaper job.

Wolf, a Kansas City radiologist, is an outspoken foe of Obamacare and a columnist for the Washington Times.

The IRS has admitted improperly targeting Tea Party and other right-of-center groups for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status which has exploded into a huge scandal over the agency's seemingly politicized practices. Other taxpayers and taxpayer groups are now coming forward now with horror stories about apparent IRS mistreatment that appears to be ideologically driven.

Dr. Wolf described his hassle with the federal bureaucracy for PJMedia: "They called my editor and feigned concern that the Washington Times was taking advantage of me… by publishing my op-eds critical of Barack Obama. Around the same time the IRS put a hold on our tax refund that required an arbitrator and several months to resolve. We finally received our refund (and interest) but never an explanation. The local IRS office and the arbitrator seemed genuinely confused by the ordeal using terms like 'very strange' and 'unusual' but never could explain why it happened. One wonders."

Added Wolf: "I wondered at the time if the White House could possibly be behind it but I just couldn't make that leap ... But what before seemed implausible today seems possible."

In his latest column about Obamacare, a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act, Wolf wrote this about the law's affordability or lack thereof: "Obamacare unleashes the worst approach to those in need. It artificially hikes health care costs beyond their means and then provides welfare to families -- even those earning up to $94,000 a year -- that still won't cover the new, higher rates. That's a double disaster, since taxpayers who now have to pay for their own higher premiums also must cover the welfare, not only for the needy, but even for their affluent neighbors. This is a train with too many cabooses and not enough engines, which will come crashing down the hill. For far less, we could, for example, simply give cash to needy families so they can purchase their own market-based insurance."

Coincidence? The same year the #IRS held up my tax refund for months w/o ever saying why, the WH urged the @washtimes to drop me. #tcot

— Milton Wolf (@miltonwolfmd) May 14, 2013

Another solution to #IRS enemies list scandal: Flat tax without any loopholes. #tcot #tlot #p2 #gop

— Milton Wolf (@miltonwolfmd) May 15, 2013

Given the ongoing IRS scandal, do you think that Dr. Milton Wolf has any basis for his concerns?

Added: President Obama makes statement on IRS scandal including that the IRS commissioner has resigned: