Judge Scolds Donald Trump For Talking Back In Court

A judge scolded Donald Trump today for arguing with an attorney on the witness stand.

This is the second day that Trump has taken the stand to defend himself against 87-year-old investor Jacqueline Goldberg. According to ABC, Trump is being accused of lying to Goldberg in order to get her to purchase condos at the Trump Tower in Chicago.

ABC reports that Trump was questioned by the plaintiff’s attorney, Shelly Kulwin, and it did not go well. Trump raised his voice and rolled his eyes at attorney Shelly Kulwin as she questioned the real estate mogul about his business dealings.

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve scolded Trump and Kulwin for acting like children.

Judge Amy St. Eve said: “You have been dancing around and boxing each other. This is not a boxing match. Let’s get control of ourselves.”

News.AU reports that the case centers around Trump’s involvement with the development and management of the Chicago tower. Goldberg alleges that Trump proposed a profit-sharing plan to woo investors but would renege the offer after they bought in. Trump says that he is a big picture executive and doesn’t know anything about the profit-sharing plan.

Trump said: “I build hotels. I don’t run them.”

Goldberg filed a lawsuit saying that Donald Trump breached his contract and used deceptive practices. She is suing Trump for her $500,000 deposit as well as other unspecified damages.