‘After Earth’ Clip Has Jaden Smith Make A Discovery [Video]

Jaden Smith makes a discovery in a new clip from After Earth.

In the latest film that has Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith teaming up, humans have left their home planet for more hospitable conditions on a planets called Nova Prime. Cypher Raige (Will Smith) has decided to take his son Kitai (Jaden Smith), against his better judgment, on a mission back to Earth. His son’s knack for mischief makes him upset with the decision, but it was at the request of his wife. Earth has been overrun by animals evolved to kill humans. They crash land along with an unstoppable alien and have to depend on one another to survive on a planet long abandoned by their own kind.

Will Smith and Jaden Smith have teamed up in films before. They played father and son in The Pursuit of Happyness, and Will Smith produced the remake of The Karate Kid which starred his son.

After Earth is a film about a father and son having to work together against the odds to make the best of a horrific situation and find a way to call for help.

The clip from After Earth begins with Cypher Raige at a terminal, talking to his son, “Tracking a life form moving toward you from the West.” Kitai looks behind him and turns around, apparently very nervous as he waits in a jungle and apparently has no idea which way is West.

Cypher continues, “It’s closing rapidly. Fifty meters.”

Kitai pulls what appears to be a weapon from its holster and keeps looking around. Jaden Smith continues to show his acting prowess without saying a word.

Cypher updates, “Forty. Thirty. Twenty.”

The scene switches back to Cypher looking at a terrain graph on a transparent monitor, “Ten. … It is right there, Kitai.”

We see Kitai looking around, worried, as the camera shows a monkey waiting on a tree trunk.

The rest of the clip is above. After Earth hits theaters May 31.

What do you think of Jaden Smith in the newest clip from After Earth?