Giant Hong Kong Duck Mysteriously Deflates

The giant Hong Kong Duck has mysteriously deflated. The 54-foot-tall, inflatable rubber duck deflated overnight. Hong Kong residents were disturbed to find the duck flattened out in Victoria Harbor this morning.

Several news outlets reported that the air was released for maintenance. However, others suspected fowl play. The duck’s organizers eventually revealed that the duck’s deflation was planned as it needed to “freshen up.”

Residents were upset to see the Hong Kong duck deflated, as it has become a part of the city’s landscape. “Rubber Duck” is the creation of Florentijn Hofman of The Netherlands. The duck was expected to be on display from May 2 to June 9.

Rubber Duck has toured a total of nine countries. It received a heartfelt welcome from Hong Kong residents and has seen several hundred thousand visitors from across Asia.

As reported by the Wall street Journal, hotels and restaurants have enjoyed a nice profit from the Hong Kong ducks’ presence in the harbor. The Marco Polo Hotel offers a package deal that includes a complimentary rubber duck toy, late check-out, and a room with a view of the duck. The package is being offered for the equivalent of $300 per night.

The duck’s creator, Hofman, was requested to bring the duck to Hong Kong as leaders thought the residents needed something to make them smile. Rubber Duck has brought smiles to the faces of millions of visitors worldwide since its creation.

As reported by CNN, The duck did suffered a setback in 2009 when it was stabbed multiple times by an unknown vandal in Belgium. In that incident, community members worked together to guard the duck every night following the repair.

According to officials, the giant Hong Kong duck’s deflation was mysterious but not an act of vandals. They have not explained why it was deflated, without alerting residents. However, they contend that it was planned.

[Image via Wikimedia]